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30 March 2007 @ 23:22
One Time Danny Was A Bad Friend - Sports Night - Danny and Casey Friendship - PG-13  
Title:- One Time Danny Was A Bad Friend
Fandom:- Sports Night
Rating:- PG-13
characters:- Casey, Dan
Pairings:- Sally/Casey
Warnings:- Fleeting mention of nakedness
Archive:- Yes to snarchive, anybody else ask please
Spoilers:- None
Written for:- sn100 challenge #141 - emergency
A/N:- An attempt at comedy that turned out pretty well, I hope.

“Who died?” Dan mumbled as he answered the phone, the ringing of which had just ruined a perfectly good dream.

“Sally Sasser is in my bed. Naked.” Casey's unmistakable voice sounded (not at all surprisingly, Dan would later realize) panicked.

“Casey, what have I hold you...” Dan started before Casey cut him off.

“This is an emergency Dan, what the hell am I supposed to do?” Casey begged.

“Have sex. Goodnight.” Dan yawned as he hung up then pulled the reciever back off the hook.


Dan awoke with a start, his mind racing, Shit did he really say Sally Sasser?
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exitmusic__: {sn} dan/casey - ties that bindexitmusic__ on 30th March 2007 18:26 (UTC)
“Have sex. Goodnight.” Best.Advice.Ever!

I can't stop laughing. Love how you used "Emergency" as a funny thing.
phoebesmum: Drunkhugphoebesmum on 30th March 2007 22:50 (UTC)
Poor Danny. He's not at his best when he's been rudely awakened (okay, it depends on how rude), you can't blame him! Adorable.