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18 August 2007 @ 20:27
Caring - Part 1 of 2 - House - Wilson and House friendship - PG  
Title:- Caring
Characters:-House, Wilson
Pairings:- None
Warnings:- One semi-bad word - nothing you haven't heard on the show
Archive:- Ask first please, I like to know where my work is going but I will say yes
Spoilers:- Part 2 has a teensy little spoiler for Resignation
Written for:- my sick_wilson prompts table #094 writers choice
A/N:- This is my first House fic ever and the first piece of fanfiction of any description I've written in six months and the first piece I've written that is longer than a drabble in well over a year.

House is drying his hands on the rough paper towel when he hears it, a strangely familiar muffled sob emanating from one of the stalls.

He throws the used paper in the overflowing trash can in the corner of the bathroom before leaning heavily on his cane (today has not been a good day) and limping towards the door.

The door is almost shut behind him when a the sound of a shuddering breath, also familiar, compels him to turn back, he limps towards the sound, bending at the waist, hands resting heavily on his right thigh to examine what he can through the gap between the smooth white tiled floor and the light grey laminate-coated door of the stall.

He recognizes the shoes, perfectly polished black lace-ups and socks, black and neatly, evenly folded down instantly. He pushes on the door, expecting resistance and nearly falls forward as the door gives, swinging open to reveal Wilson sitting on the floor. His knees drawn tightly to his chest, arms tightly hugging his shins, head leaning heavily against the left hand side of the stall. He is deathly white, beads of sweat covering his brow, his breath comes in an uneven series of rapid gasps intermingled with sobs and shudders, his entire body is shaking uncontrollably and tears are slipping slowly from his eyes leaving red streaks on his cheeks as they course along. House swears he can see Wilson's heart racing through his pristinely pressed oxford shirt.

You,” House pauses for dramatic effect and steadies himself, leaning against the doorframe of the stall “are having a panic attack.”

Wilson's only response to this is an almost imperceptible nod, followed a fresh torrent of tears, House watches Wilson's entire face flush bright red before he buries his face into his knees.

You idiot,” House says unsure of what to do next, “I can still see you.”

Go away.” Wilson sobs, his voice shaky.

No.” House grunts as he carefully lowers himself to the ground next to Wilson, ignoring, at least for now the searing pain shooting through his thigh.

Are you enjoying this?” Wilson asks without looking up.

No,” House answers hoping that for once in his life his voice actually sounds like something at least related to sincerity.

Now his is on the floor he is unsure what to do, how to best comfort his friend, he considers hugging him but that seems too much so instead he reaches for one of Wilson's shaking hands and wraps his own firmly around it.

Wilson's entire body, in its hypervigilant state jerks involuntarily at the unexpected contact but he doesn't pull back, and after a few seconds his hand curls tightly around House's.

First attack?” House asks, again at least trying for sincerity or concern.

Wilson nods as he pulls House's body closer to his own finally lifting his head from his knees “I thought I was going to die, totally irrational, I know but...” he trails off looking away again.

Again House isn't quite sure what to do next and it seems to him that he isn't quite acting under his own volition as he pulls Wilson in towards him wrapping his arms around Wilson's trembling shoulders, hugging him.

House feels a strange sensation course through his body as Wilson reciprocates the gesture, wrapping his arms around House's waist and clinging on for dear life. Under other circumstances House would have had Wilson interpret this sensation for him but with Wilson essentially incapacitated he is left to decipher it for himself and eventually settles for compassion, as much as he doesn't want to admit it, he actually cares about Wilson.

House sits there for he isn't sure for how long holding Wilson tightly to his chest absently drawing circles on Wilson's back, whispering trite words of support, stock phrases like “you are going to be fine” and “I'm here.” The relief coursing through his veins as he Wilson finally clams down, stops shaking and starts to breathe normally again is enough to temporarily mask his pain, good thing considering his right thigh seems to be supporting much of Wilson's weight.

Wilson finally loosens his grip and lets go of House, “Oh crap, your leg!” he says as he drags himself off the ground.

Don't worry about it, just don't think I'll be doing this again.” House replies as he weakly pulls himself up, using the frame of the stall for support.

Wilson says nothing in response instead he flashes a brief, weary smile and walks towards the sink to clean himself as best he can before returning to his patients and the his paperwork.

House watches Wilson obsessively fix his tangled hair as he reaches into his pocket for his vicodin, he feels himself smile in spite of himself and as he takes off the lid of the bottle and fishes out two of the small pills that he hopes will bring at least partial relief to the relentless throbbing in his leg he wonders at what point did Wilson become someone who he cares about.
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(Anonymous) on 18th August 2007 17:37 (UTC)
I liked this. Your portrayal of Wilson's panic attack was very good. I have a question about your characterization of House, however. He's uncomfortable with emotional displays, and he's often shown as turning to medication in a crisis. Wouldn't he be more likely to get Ativan or Haldol for Wilson, or send one of his fellows to get it, rather than sitting down and hugging him? Wouldn't he be awkward and not know how to react to seeing Wilson like this? Maybe you could clarify that House reacts to Wilson's distress differently than he would to someone else's because he's Wilson's friend.
alanwolfmoonalanwolfmoon on 26th August 2007 02:43 (UTC)
ah...my only reaction to panicattack!wilson + strangelynonbastardatthemoment!house is that house might not be afraid of emotional displays when the other party is unlikely to notice.

which i keep overusing in my own stories...

anyway, i loved this story!

particuarily this line:
No,” House answers hoping that for once in his life his voice actually sounds like something at least related to sincerity.

and the fact that wilson thought he was going to die in the bathroom...asuming the attack started in the bathroom...

(quotes lethal wespon #whichever: guys like you don't die on toilets)

yeah, great story!

panic attacks are hard to write....

Fearless Jonesfearless_jones on 20th August 2007 18:27 (UTC)
I like this! I think it's great!
catrinamarlow on 8th September 2007 17:06 (UTC)
House's leg
For some strange reason (not your writing's fault, I promise!) I found the 'best' part of this fic for me was your brief comments on how House's leg - already hurting - got temporarily forgotten when Wilson needed him not to be self-centred for a short time.

That really made a difference in how much I enjoyed the story.

Good fic!
cygardner87 on 13th December 2007 06:07 (UTC)
I really liked this story. It's a two-parter? I can't seem to find the second part. Could I get a link?
(Anonymous) on 3rd February 2014 20:48 (UTC)
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